PsychArts for Expats


The hardship of expat life

This section of my website is dedicated for English speaking people in need to get psychological help.

As an expat myself I see tremendous demand for counselling for people who found themselves in situation of total chaos by changing the countries of living. The stress associated with this situation can cause complete ruin to our wellbeing. Being expat is not easy. Everything is so confusing and we feel like aliens most of the times. Trying to sort all issues regarding our everyday functioning seems like a battle. Suddenly things we used to do in order to function seem to not work. We feel like the simplest thing to do, ex: shopping is something as hard as winning a marathon. Not to mention basic administration like getting your status as newcomer. And to be honest it’t not about some major stuff. Its the conglomerat of those little things that make as incompetent and helpless.

If you feel you need help don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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