What is crisis?

What is crisis?


We are facing very harsh times presently. Our lives became limited hugely. We find ourselves in a strange state, when the future seems unknown.

Lets look at what exactly crisis is…


According to Caplan:

People find themselves in crisis, when they face sudden barrier, which stops them from achieving important aims in their lives. The barrier is impossible to overcome with the available methods of acting. This state leads to disorganization and chaos during the time one still undertakes tries to overcome it unsuccessfully.

We can easily say that crisis is situation when one feels or experience an event or situation to be hard to overcome which results in feeling helpless. If a person will not be able to receive any help this prolonged state can lead to serious affective, behavioural and cognitive disorders.


Characteristic of crisis


Crisis is a threat. It can overbear person in the way that can lead to serious pathological behaviours including suicide/homicide. Crisis is also an opportunity because the psychological hurt that comes together with crisis urges one to search help. If a person finds help, such intervention can help in self-growth and self-realization. 

Crisis is very complicated situation, it’s hard to understand because the symptoms leading to it create multidimensional environment affected by person’s life. On top of it all the spheres of the individual every day functioning overlaps on each other, which deepens the effect. Every sphere of life is affected by crisis and every sphere influences another at the same time. It is kind of a matrix and it pretty much feels like there is no way out of the drama. That’s why it can feel like we are drowning in the abyss of despair.

During the period of crisis we always experience fear and constant anxiety as a response to difficulty of the state where there seem to be lose of control. Our brain responds to it as a real threat switching into fight/flight/freeze mode. When the fear comes to a boiling moment, only then we can admit to ourselves that we can’t handle the situation any more.

Because of our life is a process of together connected problems and challenges. We are facing constant choices to make or to dismiss.  When it comes to a crisis avoiding the decision to do something is a choice. Usually it’s the worse choice we can make. You see, if we choose to act, we give ourselves the purpose to start fight with the problem. This leads to our perceived feeling of being effective, meaningful. If we choose to ignore crisis it puts us in destructive and negative state of despair and hopelessness.


Light at the end of the tunnel


It is extremely important to practice mindful attitude towards our selves during the times of hardship. As I mentioned before life is not static, life flows. Nothing will ever last forever. Therefore if we realize that we are stuck in the moment and we suffer it’s good to reflect on this moment and look for help. Sometimes it takes compassionate view from other’s perspective to make us switch the black-white image of our position. It is ok to allow yourself to be vulnerable. It’s not easy to be human sometimes.

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